Key People

Willem Gooren – Chairman

Mr Gooren has been involved with vacuum technology since 1981 and established Gooren BV in Holland in 1988. Mr Gooren has designed over 200 systems and has established 15 Flovac offices throughout Europe and Latin America. Mr Gooren is widely considered one of the experts in vacuum technology and was a member of the European committee that developed the first vacuum sewerage standard in the world EN 1091, the European standard that is now used throughout the Middle East and Asia as well as in Europe.

John Radinoff – CEO

John Radinoff has been very involved in environmental issues for a number of years and is internationally renown for his stance on reducing man's impact on the environment. Mr Radinoff had been involved in International Banking for over twenty years as Vice President of Goldman Sachs in Asia and Executive Director of Swiss Banking Corporation (UBS) in Australia before starting FloVac Environmental.

Often a speaker on environmental issues, see's the use of vacuum technology as an important step topwards carbon reduction and water contamination.

Burkhard Vogt – General Manager

Mr Vogt, a chemical engineer, studied at the University of Dortmund in Germany. He has been involved with the design, installation and operation of some of the largest vacuum schemes in Europe and has been involved in the water industry for over twenty years. Mr Vogt has been the driving force in the acceptance of the technology in many countries particularly in Eastern and Southern Europe. Mr Vogt is on the board of Flovac Deutschland, Flovac Polska and Flovac Adria.

Peter Radinoff Director of Operations

Peter is widely recognised as one of the most skilled and experienced operations people in the world, with vacuum sewerage systems. Peter was a key developer of the Flovac valve as well as a number of other important Flovac products. The Flovac vacuum interface valve is regarded as most advanced and also the most user friendly by all operators. The colour coding of the tubing, the ease of repairing many of the components at site and the extended warranty now offered on the valve were all innovations that came from Peter’s twenty years of experience working on systems in a number of countries.